Meta Line, 2019 - to present
Pen on paper
Inject Prints 
The way in which humans are and behave is defined by different factors. While some are dictated by our environment, others are intangible: unspoken codes of conduct and values. Through the ages, humans have evolved to become intelligent and efficient beings. So much so, that we even managed to create an alternative type of intelligence. Our history defines the way we act today. Our experience through time has changed our beliefs and values, which in turn has changed the way we are. It is as if there is an invisible system, which influences how we behave. We are the hardware and the system is the software. Yet, the dynamic is an exchange. When there is something in the system we disagree with, we revise it, and in so doing are perpetually redesigning ourselves. We are both slave and master to the system. 
How do we shape this system? And how does this system shape us?
Line Thread is an ongoing drawing of a meta line. It is a line consisting of lines. It is drawn by a human hand, but it follows a set of rules. It is created by continuously repeating the same set of acts. Therefor it could be drawn by any human hand, or even by a machine. Still there are random and organic aspects to it, caused by the ‘free’ decisions of the maker, or even by coincidence. 
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